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     How to know if you need Bed Bug Removal


    Sometimes bed bugs will leave visible signs on your skin, or you may notice small red dots on your sheets which could be signs of blood. Bed bugs are extremely good at deception and evasion. They can hide in anything from cars, luggage, picture frames, outlets, light switches, and other places that you may not think to look in. Even though their sole form of nutrition is blood, a meal can typically last a week to a week and a half. This will deceivingly make you think that you were imagining things or that you must’ve been bitten while you were outdoors since you don’t see any bites. Then, just when you think your safe, the bites start to reappear again. Bed bugs are smart predators and they know that prey is easiest to attack at night while you’re in a deep slumber. Therefore, bed bugs are hard to discover before you get a full-blown infestation. It’s important to note that the days after their meal are not spent in hibernation, conversely, they are spent laying eggs and reproducing.


    Black Widow Bed Bug Removal Solutions


    Don’t let your bed bug problem get out of hand. If you think that you have bed bugs, let Black Widow’s technicians uncover the truth. Once we confirm the issue, we will perform our unique bed bug removal process to your home and eradicate them. We know how precious your health is and we don’t want you to suffer from itchiness, sleepless nights, and futile attempts at ridding yourself of these pests. Call us at 317-333-7007 to schedule a Free Estimate and take the first step towards the return of a comfortable night’s sleep.


    Bed Bug Control in Indianapolis


    Black Widow Pest Control will rid your entire home of bed bugs during our treatment. It’s important that the homeowner, children and pets leave the premises. Upon return, the only change—other than the lack of bed bugs—will be to your beds. Our professional technicians will have removed the sheets, blankets, and pillowcases from your bed. Your technician will usually set them on the floor. The rest of your home should will be as your left it.


    Staying Bed Bug Free


    In order to remain bed bug free after our Black Widow Pest Control has completed the bed bug removal process is to put all linens—curtains, clothes, blankets, pet beds, pillows—into the dryer on high heat. Although bed bugs can live through the hot water of a washing machine, they cannot survive the heat of a hot drier. There is a chance that an item in your home could have had bed bugs when you left your home for the treatment process. Which is why placing your sheets and pillow cases in a hot drier afterwards is very important. In addition, please ensure that you do not have other service people or guests coming in and going out while you are getting your home treated for bed bugs. The last thing you want is to have those pesky intruders re-enter your home. We want you to remain bed bug free. Also, Black Widow technicians will explain our bed bug removal process to keep you in the loop. Call Black Widow Pest Control today at 317-333-7007 to take the first step in eliminating these bed bugs and getting your home back to normal.