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     Mice removal in Indianapolis can be a struggle, unless you know a reputable company that actually does the job right the first time. Often, mice can be heard in the attic jumping from rafter to rafter or rummaging around in your walls. If by chance you have mice living inside your home, you will see small stool droppings and urine trails that they leave behind. Mice love to gnaw, so you may see chewed areas in your drywall or furniture. Moreover, if you have mice, the biggest problem is if they happened to have chewed through any food packaging in the kitchen.

    When the Cats away, the Mice will Play!


    People will often spend hundreds of dollars on "over the counter" solutions to mice control, finding the do-it-yourself method to be somewhat effective, yet lacking a complete and quality result of quelling their mice problems. When it comes to truly effective removal techniques, it is an excellent idea to rely on a trusted professionals. Let the pros deal with mice problems through several methods of trapping and proofing. 

    We Don't Mickey Mouse Around, Our Mice Removal Process is Iron Clad:




    Every home is different as is every business, and our mouse removal experts can assess the extent of your problem. Traps will be placed strategically throughout the premise. If traps outside the home are needed, we use special traps that will prevent your pets from getting harmed and only the intended target can access the trap.




    However, it’s not enough to simply trap a mouse in your home. Any areas that Mice may have nested in needs to be sanitized to remove urine trails, feces, and any diseases the rodent may have carried.




    Our licensed technicians will also check for points of entry. Mice can enter through drains, soffits, the AC chase, a 1 ½ inch hole, attic fans, attic vents, and dryer vents. Black Widow Pest Control offers Mice removal exclusion services to seal up all forms of entry and prevent any mice from re-entering your home or business.


    Free Estimates


    Of course, our estimate is free and we will help you determine the extent of your Mouse problem, working together to find out what solution or combination of services will work best for you and your home. Your peace of mind is our number one priority and we want to ensure that your home stays mice-free. Call 317-333-7007 today to schedule your free estimate.